Murza Earrings

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Brass, 17x32mm from piercing, each approximately 1.25 grams. Crimped round flowers on gold-plated leverback earrings.

Immortal, timeless, everlasting beauty. Inspired by the dense, fragrant, dainty yet stoic Helichrysum flowers that brighten the Isle of Beauty, these earrings capture the power of the sun, sky, salt, sand, and soil of Corsica. No matter where you are, these can transport you across oceans and earth to channel the magic of the island and the glow of your natural, innate beauty. Brighten any room and any mood with the everlasting culture of gratitude that permeates the island and encapsulates these dainty little daisies.

Suggested share: "Someone told me there's a girl out there
With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair"... For the hippie, the flower child, the field frolicker, the outside daydreamer, or the brightest smile in the room.